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Share your story why you love race driving and what kind of techniques got you faster. Tell us your brief experiences no matter what you love driving, whether it’s a go-kart, street or open wheel car.

:star_struck: Key moments that led you to race driving
:racing_car: Type of car you are racing
:hammer_and_wrench: Driving techniques
:motorway: Your favorite track
:checkered_flag: Who are you driving with

— or anything else you’d like to share!

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I’ll start first!

I’m Gabor, and I made my first experiences on race tracks in my late twenties. Event tough I have driven a lot of manual shift cars on the streets in Austria (very nice mountain roads!), I only made it to the rental go-kart tracks once in a while for some company events. I quickly realized that I am much slower than I thought I would be. Also, my techniques from driving on the streets did not help me at all.

My biggest help was to rethink and relearn techniques from:

I love to go karting with friends on rental karts. I train a lot on them as well to keep me engaged in driving and working on my lap times. My favorite race vehicle is an open wheel car called KTM Xbow. It is very light, has a monocoque, a four-cylinder turbo mid-engine (around 390hp) and rear wheel drive. It’s a shifter and has no assistance systems, not even ABS!

My favorite go-kart track is the Styriakarting outdoor track in Austria and I love the Pannonia-Ring race track in Hungary!

I am also the founder of this site and are looking forward to your feedback!

Happy racing :checkered_flag:


Meanwhile I’m not on the kart track because I’m racing against full diapers.

Everything started when I was on to get my driver’s license. My friend recommended a Rally car driver and was a driving school teacher. He owned a Subaru Impreza WRX STI :oncoming_automobile:.

My friend told me that besides teaching us how to drive for driving license’s purposes he would show us some race maneuvers. I immediately told @Gabor about the occasion we both loved the idea.

That’s how we got some driving school lessons with a Subaru. We hung out now and then with him to talk about racing and he showed us tricks and tips.

But driving race cars is an expensive hobby :money_with_wings: and me as a student it’s almost unaffordable to do this kind of stuff unless I’d be willing to invest all my energy, savings and time into it. There must be a cheaper way!

That’s how I started to do a little more go karting with rental karts :racing_car:. It’s relatively cheap, easy to do and not nearly as dangerous as race car driving but still a lot of fun. But man, I really sucked at it. People were passing me all the time. So I started to dig into theory of racing :nerd_face:.

The go karting tips that helped me most I condensed them into one article about “How to get faster at go karting:rocket:.



Hi I’m Mike, not a Kart man but a Motorcycle Coach. Your track editor looks great and hopefully lots of people will benefit from it.
I’m having trouble with the copy to clipboard option using a Mac it doesn’t seem to be there to paste, any ideas to help?

Hello Mike, I am glad that you like our tool. Thank you for reporting it to us. We have tested it on the Mac and also on different browsers.

Can you please describe the problem in more detail?

  • Are you looking for the embed iframe copy feature or the copy to clipboard of the URL?
  • Browser and version

You can copy the URL directly from the browser and share it as well.